Monday, 7 October 2013

WOW Stain Remover for horses

Colin & Rosie
I have been trying to remove a yellow stain for over 12 months without success. 

Using WOW Stain Remover has proved successful and I will never use anything else.

(Genuine Testimonial)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ice Horse Tendon and T-Zon Cream

You kindly sent out the Ice tendon boots which you informed us that we had won.  They are great. We have used them a few times now and they are such a good product. Easy to use and seem to do the job nicely!
The T-Zone cream is great.  You suggested to use it as our pony had suffered a spell of mudfever.  Also you suggested the T Clenz wash which also worked great. He has not had a repeat since using the products, plus the hair grew back very quickly which we were pleased over.
So thank you once again for your time on the phone when we initially spoke about our problem.  We would highly recommend these 3 products to anyone after using them ourselves.

Thanks, Dawn Lawton

Thursday, 7 June 2012

WOW Stain Remover

"Thank you so much for sending the WOW Stain Remover so promptly.  Thats one thing I can't live without.  I have to have him glowing even though I am not showing and its so easy to use."
Jo, Wigan

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Its snow fun

Healing Tree ponies are fed up of standing in their stables so they have all been out playing in the snow today. Work has come to a complete halt!!! Perhaps its not a bad thing that Thomas didnt qualify for Olympia this year.

Case Studies

"I haven’t written before as I was quite sceptical as to whether this product would actually work. My mare is a skewbald and her tail is a mixture of black and white. However the white was really a horrible brown and no matter what I used it remained that colour.
It has taken one and a half bottles of WOW but it has worked and we now have a black and white tail !! I shall certainly continue
using this fab product." Rona Rowsby

"My Shire suffers from a strange itchy tail and rump, it isn't sweet itch and he has a regular worming programme, after trying lots of pills and potions. I stumbled upon you and your fantastic products , I have been using the Tzon cream on him and it has stopped the itching in its tracks.
It is lovely to see my boy looking relaxed and not scratching his bottom on the stable walls. I will be back for more supplies, I will be recommending you to everyone, thank you." (Maz, Northants)

Sparky WOW
Our very white pony, Sparky

"This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We have had a white Connemara pony for 5 years and have used every leading product available on the market. This is definitely THE BEST PRODUCT EVER FOR WHITE OR GREY ANIMALS. We have used it directly on his body when he has a stable stain - just sponging the stain off with cold water and then spraying onto the stained area. It really does work on the stain itself. When we have had really stubborn stains on his tail we washed it in the Tea Tree Shampoo then sprayed it with the WOW then wrapped it in a tailbandage overnight - what a result in the morning. We now use WOW in our everyday grooming to keep stable stains etc away and therefore making show preparation much easier. We also use WOW on just the little white socks - just spray on a leave after bathing, there is no mess like with painting them with a white paste.


T-Zon Equine Dermal Care Cream was used on a coloured cob who had mud rash up his legs and under his feather. The cream was used consecutively for 5 days with amazing results.It reduced any inflammation and soreness to the area and had completely recovered leaving no scabby area after 10 days. This product is a must for any stable yard to have to hand as it has so many everyday uses.

T-Zon Equine Dermal Care Cream has also been used alongside the wound spray on open wounds without any stinging or reaction and aiding the healing process quickly.on a horse who had been savagely bitten by another one in the field. The wounds healed without any scarring or visible marks which was absolutely amazing.

Complete Solution
The complete solution

Tea-Pro Wound Spray has been used on a broodmare recovering from melanoma in the hoof which assisted in the healing process and keeping the wound free from infection.

T-Hoof Equine Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner is especially successful treating dry and brittle hooves and have found it very useful on cracked heels, adding moisturizer but also a water barrier when the horses are out in the field. This was used on an old pony who was living out and his hooves were breaking and flaky. One jar of the T Hoof made all the difference to him.

Tea-Clenz Anti-Microbial has been invaluable to us during the showing season with our Section B Stallion. He has been constantly covered in small lumps, fly bite size and he would frantically bite himself once his rugs were removed. Whatever we tried did not improve him at all. We then used Tea Clenz 2/3 times a week - just washing him over with it - the results were fantastic. The lumps went and the itching subsided. I have also used Tea Clenz on another Mountain and Moorland who was prone to switch itch with remarkable results. This has got to be one of the best products on the market for such conditions.

Private Reserve - Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner This is a highly concentrated shampoo so you don't need much at all and therefore not hard to rinse out. We have found with the shampoo and conditioner leave the coat glossy and remarkably clean. I have just wiped the conditioner over the coat after bathing and left it on to promote healthy skin. It doesn't leave a silicone feel to the coat and therefore is not slippery when you put rugs or tack on.

QuickClenz is one of the easiest ways I have found to rinse your horse off any work. Just connect a hose pipe to the applicator and wash and rinse off all in one go. What a fabulous idea. No messing around with sponges etc.Also once you have bought the applicator it is really economical to buy the large bottle just to top-up and use regularly.

Go'Way Repellent for Horse and Rider is a great idea. One repellent for both. I have used the spray for the body but really like the idea of the roll-on. Its so much easier when horses don't like the sprays especially around the head and eyes - what a fantastic idea.

Equine Liniment Leg and Muscle Rub is brilliant when horses have had a hard day working. Whether they are jumping, competing or just hacking this has a fabulous cooling agent and it spells lovely too, very minty - almost good enough to lick!!